Whale-powered development

Autor: | 12 października 2017|Blog, Techniczne|

First impression and takeaways from using Docker to boost local development environments and CI pipelines.

HA everywhere!

Autor: | 4 października 2016|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

Currently in Evolve Velocity we’re building Evolve platform in cloud using AWS provider and Centos 7. The whole service is based mostly on our microservices, but we’re also using 3rd party components like Iguana from iNTERFACEWARE Inc. Platform should be accessible 99,99% of the time, and these days High Availability is requirement for any serious and publicly accessible project.

Animations in the Web: the dev approach – part 1

Autor: | 29 czerwca 2016|Blog, Techniczne|

One of the most anticipated features of CSS3 were animations, which are widely supported in all evergreen browsers. Created for pushing the visual changes back to the CSS stylesheets (from the Javascript code), it’s really easy and fun to use. In this post we will discuss CSS animations from the developer perspective. Let’s start with discussing the syntax.

EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference – Roadshow 2016

Autor: | 22 czerwca 2016|Blog, Eventy, Techniczne|

EuroStar is probably Europe's biggest and most prominent software testing conference. Since 1993 it gathers professionals and software quality passionates for sharing ideas, learning and networking. This year it'll be hosted in Stockholm at the beginning of November. Before that there's a series of one-day EuroSTAR roadshow conferences organized in few Europe's cities. We had a pleasure to attend Warsaw edition on 27th of April 2016.

Collecting vShield Edge Gateway logs in Skyscape cloud.

Autor: | 30 maja 2016|Blog, Techniczne, WebOps|

Recently a colleague of mine dropped a piece of work with [WIP] tag "on my desk" and run away to celebrate at company's Kick-Off. Last thing I've heard was: "rsyslog is beating me into submission". Turns out it wasn't rsyslog problem at all! Note: vm is running Centos 6.

Automatically generated ID values with sequences and Hibernate

Autor: | 13 maja 2016|Blog, Techniczne|

Sequences allow for easy and flexible way of generating identifiers for database entities. Not all databases support sequences, but when they do, sequences are oftentimes the go to strategy for generating object identifiers. Hibernate is a very popular object mapping framework for Java which makes mapping very simple. However this simplicity forces Hibernate to do a lot of things behind the scene and assume a lot of default behaviours. Someone new to Hibernate might not expect certain assumptions it makes.

Wymagania niefunkcjonalne – wydajność

Autor: | 22 lutego 2016|Blog, Techniczne|

Każdy projekt IT powinien mieć dobrze określone wymagania funkcjonalne. Wydaje mi się, że każdy zgodzi się z poprzednim zdaniem. Niestety już nie każdy pamięta, że oprócz wymagań funkcjonalnych należy również pamiętać o niefunkcjonalnych. Często zapominamy, że oprócz opisu “co system powinien robić” należy dokładnie zaplanować “jak powinien to robić”.

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