My year as a coding teacher – Kainos Tech Outreach

Autor: | 29 sierpnia 2018|Blog|

I’ve been a student most of my life. First in primary school, then at high school and finally - at university. My professional career as a software developer also started as a series of trainings and learning by making mistakes. This was especially true at the beginning of my career at Kainos, where first few weeks meant spending some time on intensive courses – first in Amsterdam and then at home office.

The beginning of HCM journey with Workday

Autor: | 20 czerwca 2018|Blog, Zespół|

What’s HCM? What does this term stand for? In this blogpost you will discover how a journey with Workday starts for our HCM consultants.

Big Data Academy – analysing traffic data

Autor: | 25 maja 2018|Big Data, Blog|

In the second part of the series on Kainos Big Data Academy, you'll learn more about the internal project - an assignment that BDA attendees worked on for the last few weeks.

Big Data Academy – first insights

Autor: | 18 kwietnia 2018|Big Data, Blog|

Rapid development and high market demand of Big Data technologies created new job opportunities. Kainos addressed this matter by launching a brand-new initiative – Big Data Academy. Read this post to learn more about our new initiative.

Npm storage with dockerized Nexus Repo Manager 3

Autor: | 25 stycznia 2018|Blog, Techniczne|

Npm is commonly used software registry and there's a good chance that you're already using it in your project. It allows you to install any of over 600,000 packages and to publish your own. Although it's really popular and useful, there are few things you should consider when using it.

Scrum Guide changes in 2017

Autor: | 9 listopada 2017|Blog, SCRUM|

Here is my view on the 2017 changes in Scrum Guide proposed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland and what they mean for all people using Scrum.

Whale-powered development

Autor: | 12 października 2017|Blog, Techniczne|

First impression and takeaways from using Docker to boost local development environments and CI pipelines.

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