Rapid development and high market demand of Big Data technologies created new job opportunities. Kainos addressed this matter by launching a brand-new initiative – Big Data Academy. Nine people for six weeks will learn essential Big Data technology stack and develop new skills within distributed programming, stream computing and many more exciting areas.

In this new Big Data blog series, we’ll try to take a closer look on who the attendees are, what they’re doing during the academy, what have they learned and many more.

We asked some of attendees to share their observations about the academy.

Marcin Czajka, Data Capability Lead

„This is the first edition of Kainos Big Data Academy and it was a pretty big challenge to set things up so we are spending our time in efficient way. After four weeks we covered whole Cloudera certification content and now we are focusing on implementi

ng real life problem around traffic data in Gdansk. It’s great to be a part of this journey and see how people (including myself) quickly learned. It’s unique that company provides 2 months training for new starters and is a huge investment in our employees. Everyone that is looking to get data skills should actively look for next editions.”

Jakub Rączka, Data Engineer

„Nowadays the big data term has become very popular. Many important scientific conclusions are based on studying huge datasets and asking proper questions. Kainos Big Data Academy has given us the opportunity to get familiar with tools and techniques used in the industry. During our labs we have learned lots of new topics and were able to implement them in practice. Initially it looked like the big data is a very big and difficult topic but after some time and practice most things have become clear to me. I would recommend the Big Data Academy to anyone curious about the subject – it is a lot easier when you have passionate people around you and may share thoughts and ideas with them.”


Jakub Flis, Data Engineer

„When I joined the academy, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve heard that Big Data is a really trending technology right now, I also had some labs around this topic at the university. When the academy started, I was surprised how much non-trivial and interesting problems this industry is trying to solve. I immediately realized that joining the academy was definitely a good choice and I can’t wait to face further challenges.”


Krzysztof Krawczyk, Trainee Data Engineer

„Big Data is a difficult topic, especially when you want to learn it by yourself. The number of technologies can make you a headache. Our academy is a perfect place for all newbies in this area. Kainos provided a great learning path which helps you to know it inan easy way. I think the best part of our classes is that every person has different technical background, so you can improve a lot of your skills and share your knowledge with a team. I am glad to be here.”

Mariusz Rudzis, Trainee Data Engineer

„In my opinion Big Data Academy makes great opportunity for those people who have never been working with Big Data and want to start to do it. I’m such a person and at this moment I can say I don’t regret that I’ve joined the Academy. Big Data is considered as a very complicated topic, but since the Academy started a lot of things became clear to me. Currently we are learning about a variety of different tools that are used in BD projects, for instance: Sqoop. Hive, Impala, Apache Kafka and Spark.”