Joining Kainos as an Agile Team Lead

Autor: | 13 marca 2019|Blog, Zespół|

I’m an Agile Team Lead and I’ve worked at Kainos for a year on the MOT Project at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). If you’d told me a year ago I’d be doing this job on such a huge project, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Productivity is key! Mouseless programming in practice

Autor: | 15 lutego 2019|Blog, Techniczne|

One of the most crucial things about building software is productivity – we want to deliver new features and make it faster and faster to do so. But what about the productivity of the organic side of building software – i.e. the person who works as the developer?

Personal story about the long journey into the world of cyber security

Autor: | 1 lutego 2019|Blog|

For me, everything started just over 4 years ago. A normal day in work. During the standard process of testing I decided to try something else, to experiment a little bit with more sophisticated tests against our web application...

Autor: | 15 stycznia 2019|Aktualności|

On behalf of Kainos Group plc, we would like to express our sincere condolences to family and co-workers of President Paweł Adamowicz who passed away under tragic circumstances.

Kainos wspiera powstanie nowego Instytutu Informatyki Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

Autor: | 16 października 2018|Aktualności|

Nowoczesny budynek Instytutu Informatyki Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego o kubaturze niemal 23 tysięcy metrów sześciennych, wyposażony w najnowszy sprzęt IT, powstaje na terenie Bałtyckiego Kampusu UG w Gdańsku Oliwie. Inwestycja jest dofinansowana w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Pomorskiego na lata 2014-2020, a jej zakończenie zaplanowano w drugiej połowie 2019 roku. 15 października 2018 r. z udziałem zaproszonych gości, przedstawicieli Wydziału Matematyki, Fizyki i Informatyki UG oraz całej społeczności akademickiej UG, odbyło się uroczyste wmurowanie aktu erekcyjnego.

My year as a coding teacher – Kainos Tech Outreach

Autor: | 29 sierpnia 2018|Blog|

I’ve been a student most of my life. First in primary school, then at high school and finally - at university. My professional career as a software developer also started as a series of trainings and learning by making mistakes. This was especially true at the beginning of my career at Kainos, where first few weeks meant spending some time on intensive courses – first in Amsterdam and then at home office.

The beginning of HCM journey with Workday

Autor: | 20 czerwca 2018|Blog, Zespół|

What’s HCM? What does this term stand for? In this blogpost you will discover how a journey with Workday starts for our HCM consultants.

Big Data Academy – analysing traffic data

Autor: | 25 maja 2018|Big Data, Blog|

In the second part of the series on Kainos Big Data Academy, you'll learn more about the internal project - an assignment that BDA attendees worked on for the last few weeks.

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