O autorze: Oleksandr Perepelytsya

Hey, I’m Oleksandr and I joined “Kainos” at the end of March 2014. Previously I’ve been working for the biggest Ukrainian software company for several years and now I’m working as a Test Automation Engineer on Workday QA project. If someone will ask me about my work – I’ll say it’s all about passion: passion in finding, checking, fixing or even simply exploring. During my free time I like either reading something interesting or going out to check out how life is going all around.

Your first test with Python vs WebDriver vs PyCharm

Autor: | 18 listopada 2014|Blog, Techniczne|

Today I’d like You to try Python for Your functional Web tests. Why Python? Because I believe it’s much easier to start with if we’ll compare with Java or .Net and also in several cases Python (because it’s scripting language) can do much more things than even Java (with all cross platform functionality itself).

Java Developers Days 2014 from my point of view. (Part I)

Autor: | 20 października 2014|Blog, Eventy|

This with no doubts interesting conference was held in Krakow on 13-14 of October and was mainly but not only oriented for Java enthusiasts from over the World. This is going to be first part of JDD overview with some numbers, most interesting (as for me) ideas and short conclusions. Second part Marta Wożniak promised to write – and I truly believe her.

Your first test in Java vs TestNG vs WebDriver vs Maven in Eclipse

Autor: | 22 kwietnia 2014|Blog, Techniczne|

Actually today in internet we can find hundreds sources about setting up project in Eclipse vs Java vs WebDriver vs TestNG and I bet this one won’t be pretty original but I’ll try to place it all together one more time.

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