O autorze: Marta Woźniak

Hi all, my name is Marta and I've started working in Kainos in December 2013. I'm a software engineer, interested in mobile apps development and currently involved in tests automation project. In my spare time I like to play board and PC games, relax with a good read and watch football games with friends.

Be more productive – guidelines

Autor: | 24 lutego 2015|Blog, Poza Pracą|

Usually the first thing we do to avoid thinking is checking email. We get angry for loosing another few minutes doing nothing, get back to work but with all the distractions around it doesn't last long before we open that email client again and again…

Java Developers Days 2014 from my point of view. (Part II)

Autor: | 24 października 2014|Blog, Eventy|

The one thing I really regret about Java Developers Days is that we didn't travel an evening before and because of the horrible mist in Cracow we were late and lost half of the first day. Conference was well organized with a lot of great speakers talking about very interesting topics, so it was a pity to miss any of it.

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