O autorze: Jacek Durlik

Scrum Master with 3+ years experience and strong technical background. Still caring about code quality, refactoring and reengineering activities, as well as introducing improvements to the way that team works and how the Scrum framework is implemented in the project. Coaching, mentoring and consulting for team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Leaders, Managers and other people in company. Holding trainings and presentations for Scrum, agile and people development topics.

Scrum Guide changes in 2017

Autor: | 9 listopada 2017|Blog, SCRUM|

Here is my view on the 2017 changes in Scrum Guide proposed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland and what they mean for all people using Scrum.

5 Scrum values

Autor: | 6 lutego 2015|Blog, SCRUM|

When you first hear about Scrum, you will hear about certain meetings, roles and of course, the idea of Sprint. You will also be led to Agile Manifesto, which is the fundamental for Scrum. This is important knowledge which touches the technical and organisational side of Scrum

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